Ingenious IT implements, supports and maintains ERP systems.

Initially, Ingenious IT focused on implementing and maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite. Later, we expanded our competence in Oracle PeopleSoft and started custom development related to the ERP area.

While there are stories that you should keep an ERP system as it is, and adjust your business processes according to the system functionalities, this is not an effective solution.

All businesses are unique in terms of their management practices, regulations, competition, markets, IT architecture, integration requirements and business size. Changing business dynamics require fast solutions. Therefore, enhancements (customisations) of standard ERP software are inevitable.

Some customers are so unique that a standard ERP system does not suit their business at all. In such cases, we will develop a customer-specific ERP to solve their business needs.

Ingenious IT is a private limited liability company founded in 2010 and is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our core values


Our main assets are our people. We do not possess manufacturing equipment, buildings, loans or investments. Instead, our team of experts with their skills, experience, and qualifications, together with lean organization is our main competitive advantage.

We work methodically and we believe that each project is unique; therefore, we will adapt our approach depending on the project specifications.

We enjoy the fact that people are different and we share common values. We learn continuously each day, as we share our knowledge with our colleagues, partners and our customers.


We pursue open communication within the company, as well as with customer’s employees.

Concealing information destroys trust. We believe that open and honest communication is the key to our common success.


Each project is unique. We recognise that we have to optimize effort, resources and time to achieve the project objectives.

Therefore, we are (and have to be) creative when looking for solutions, we have to find the different options and we must find an innovative path while staying on schedule. This process helps to improve our own abilities and to provide exceptional service.

hard work

Hard work

We take challenges, keep our commitments, and manage risks in order to achieve project objectives, and we are ready to adapt when something unexpected happens.

We deliver the result, no matter how many obstacles stand in our way.

Financial stability

We are professionals working in a very competitive environment. It is sometimes impossible to estimate a project’s scope, effort and duration, and we have to provide a commitment with fixed price contracts. We accept financial risks for our families, colleagues, customers, state, shareholders and ourselves along with our commitment.

We have to make a profit to ensure our financial stability and everybody depends on us to fulfil our obligations.

financial stability